5 Food which Elevates your Sex Life

It comes without saying that any food which is healthy food is right for your sex life. Be it fruits, green veggies or whatever – if it is good for your health, it is good for your sex life. However, despite this, there is a particular type of food that is genuinely good for it and will, in fact, boost your sex drive.

What categorizes food as something that will help boost is the shape, smell and taste of the food. Majority of this food, popularly called “love food” has shapes that, in one way or the other, resembles sex organs, both of the female and male bodies. Sexologists have agreed that even if these foods do not help in increasing the sex drive, they can still arouse a person enough for the session to last longer. Many of these have, in fact, been used by the people since ancient times, so their authenticity is entirely maintained.

  1. Wine

Drinking something as classy as wine is a charming experience. It helps lower the body’s inhibitions, in turn, helping the people be more relaxed toward their surroundings. They make a person comfortable, and the entire process is taken to be slightly erotic. Wines from Portugal have been heard to have had the maximum capacity to boost your sex, it seems.

  1. Strawberries and raspberries

The berries are instead an essential part of sex life. Since tales as long as time, the process of feeding a strawberry to the (generally male) counterpart has been taken to a very seductive and erotic one. Not to ignore, in that case, however, that the seeds of these fruits have zinc within them which is essential for sex for both men and women. Zinc controls the testosterone level in men and loading up on it before intercourse is probably a good thing. It also helps women prepare for their sexual experiences in a different way.

  1. Watermelon

Watermelons have been termed as the “natural Viagra” because of the citrulline they contain, a product which helps the body to relax and boosts blood flow. They improve erection and increase the libido.

  1. Bananas

Of course, when it comes to food with shapes representing the human organs, how can bananas be left behind? Bananas are packed with Vitamin A, B, C and potassium, two of which increase sex hormone production in the body.

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